Monday, May 31, 2010

Popsicles, BBQs, and more . . .

So holidays are always a mixed bag for me. Somehow they always seem to be a time when people scramble to fill their calendars to the brim and even double book: Oh I have to go to another BBQ . . . which is why this weekend was so lovely:

All by happenstance, I discovered
1. a "beach" at Peninsula Park, where I picked up 1 piece of sea glass and a rose quartz rock.

2. a new ice cream store. While I was riding home from the BBQ with my neighbor, we took a detour into "Tommy Two Scoops and Then Some." I love the "and then some" part; it reminds me of when my BF in high school proofread my paper and laughed at my "and such." Well, Tommy's wasn't open yet for one or two scoops, but Tommy was throwing a party, and he didn't disappoint. Tommy and his friends were awesome -- I will definitely go back (if only to enjoy the awesome outdoor space). Picture to come later. I will do a bike-by later.

3. my intolerance for overpriced frozen desserts. My cousin, a real foodie, was cravin' some ice cream, so we went on a journey and came across POPbar. Eh, I think Tommy 2 scoops will kick its ass and then some. $3.75 for a fruit bar? I think I'd rather walk my tush to The Container Store and buy these.