Monday, May 31, 2010

Popsicles, BBQs, and more . . .

So holidays are always a mixed bag for me. Somehow they always seem to be a time when people scramble to fill their calendars to the brim and even double book: Oh I have to go to another BBQ . . . which is why this weekend was so lovely:

All by happenstance, I discovered
1. a "beach" at Peninsula Park, where I picked up 1 piece of sea glass and a rose quartz rock.

2. a new ice cream store. While I was riding home from the BBQ with my neighbor, we took a detour into "Tommy Two Scoops and Then Some." I love the "and then some" part; it reminds me of when my BF in high school proofread my paper and laughed at my "and such." Well, Tommy's wasn't open yet for one or two scoops, but Tommy was throwing a party, and he didn't disappoint. Tommy and his friends were awesome -- I will definitely go back (if only to enjoy the awesome outdoor space). Picture to come later. I will do a bike-by later.

3. my intolerance for overpriced frozen desserts. My cousin, a real foodie, was cravin' some ice cream, so we went on a journey and came across POPbar. Eh, I think Tommy 2 scoops will kick its ass and then some. $3.75 for a fruit bar? I think I'd rather walk my tush to The Container Store and buy these.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lizzie Borden Goes to an Art Opening

I'm suffering from inspiration and desperation. Today I went to a training session and wanted to take an eternal nap from the inanity of filling out forms for 6.5 hours. At least I'm one step closer to paying off my student loans, right?

But even while I try to keep my chin up, I lament officially signing up to be a glutton for punishment when I could be attending Mark Ryden's opening night at the Paul Kasmin Gallery this Thursday. On the invite (a pop up card that I'll upload later), it states to dress up Old Tyme. I probably wouldn't but decided I would in my virtual life.

Kaleidescopic Pop Art

So who says commerce and art are always a bad thing? Well, I challenge someone to say so after I encountered lucy's valentine on polyvore. Imagine if Busby Berkeley, Salvador Dali and Takashi Murakami had a bastard child--this is what the art would look like.

(If only I could print these on a high definition printer. If only a lot of things . . .)

But seriously, check them all out and play a little Where's Waldo to find one of my collage items used. I'm flattered to say the least, even if I have nothing to do with it.

I bet you won't be able to stop looking, too. Which one is your favorite? The first person to email me wins a tortoise eyeglass chain the one I've been stylin' for 10 years. Like.I.said.classic.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Minor Swing

I can't stop shopping and I've been inspired by everything including my new neighbor Auggie who used to be in a rockabilly band. Somehow his style always seems to pay homage to yesteryear but never looks costumey. After running into him at the Landmark Loews movie palace, I felt inspired. However, all inspiration dried up. This is what I came up with, which isn't really much different than what I'd normally wear, a cross between French chic and American preppy. Am I in a fashion rut or is this classic (fingers crossed)?


Typically, springtime, for me, is about brights but lately, I crave neutrals. But springtime or not, neutrals that look terrible on me. I looked as washed out as a London rainy day. But if I didn't, this is what I'd wear:

Viva la Gingham! I can't get enough. I've counted at least 10 gingham items in my closet
( . . . and counting!). Some say picnic table, others say chic. Clearly, I reside in the latter camp-- Just call me chief. Who else loves gingham?

I'm getting a little tired of the (RayBan) geek glasses and prefer these beauts. A little color never hurt anyone.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aviary Funeral

As I was reading my regular blogs I follow, I came across these bird photos by Mark Laita on styleswoon. I can't stop thinking about them: Were they captured? Were they found? Are they soft to the touch? There's something about their fragility that intrigues me. This one is my favorite. They look regal in their death, don't they?

My fascination with dead birds isn't new; rather, it began when I noticed a local pet shop's window filled with birdcages filled with an abundance of birds--vibrant and fluttering. I marvel at their beauty every time I walk by but lament their state. It seems they want to escape (but to what?) and every so often, I find one surrendered to a different fate. It makes me think of the scene from The Hours.

In spring time, the only pretty ring time,
When birds do sing, hey ding a ding a ding . . .
-The Bard

With the inspiration of the weather at my heels, I decided to begin my blog.

Three weeks ago, I went to the DC/MD area to visit my sister and thrift stores. I went by train and then picked up a zipcar near Georgetown Law School. It was in an alley and it took forever to find, but along my meandering derive I noticed the cherry blossoms, and suddenly it felt like spring and everything was magical. Suddenly, I know longer lamented that traveling like Tippi Hedren in a Hitchcock film isn't an option. Springtime's charm lasted the whole weekend and followed me into the thrift stores where I found a boon of goodies.

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